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butttoys.jpg Butt Toys
The one erogenous area we all share. These toys are great for the beginner or the advanced user.
DS223A.jpg Aneros MGX
Newly redesigned, the MGX is a medically researched and designed to work in harmony with your body's own movements.

$49.99 Add to Cart
DS222A.jpg Aneros Progasm
Aneros Progasm, the largest Aneros, has a newly design perineum tab and a K-Tab which will increase sensations up and down your back.

DS106A.jpg Cock Lock Intruder
Made of steel the Cock Lock Intruder is a 2" cock ring and a 1.25" anal plug all in one.

$97.95 Add to Cart
DS234A.jpg Enema Syringe
Made of high quality polished metal.

$39.99 Add to Cart
DS230A.jpg Fun Factory Bootie
The bootie is a small silicone butt plug that's shaped for comfortable long term wear and delightful stimulation!

DS102A.jpg Nexus Excel
Made of medical-grade plastic, the Excel has a thicker body. It measures 4.5" in length and 1.5" in width.

$64.95 Add to Cart
DS220A.jpg Nexus G-Rider
The unisex Nexus G-Rider has been created for those who want penetration and stimulation in one quality toy

DS104A.jpg Nexus Glide
The medical grade plastic, Glide has a longer curved handle for ease of use. It measures 3.5" in length and 1" in width.

$54.95 Add to Cart
DS221A.jpg Nexus Gyro
Fantastically versatile, the luxurious silicone Nexus Gyro is a hands free toy like no other!

DS105A.jpg Nexus Titus
Made of medical-grade plastic, the Titus is ribbed. It measures 4.5" in length and 1" in width.

$69.95 Add to Cart
DS103A.jpg Nexus Vibro
Made of medical-grade plastic, the Vibro has removable vibrator. It measures 4.5" in length and 1.3" in width.

$149.95 Add to Cart
DS225A.jpg Pandora Prostate Vibe
This prostate massager is perfectly shaped for stimulating that sensitive erogenous zone on men

$39.99 Add to Cart
DS224A.jpg Rude Boy
Rude-Boy is a uniquely designed dual P Spot stimulator.

DS200A.jpg Tantus Big Flirt
An excellent toy for those experienced with anal play, the Big Flirt adds length, girth, and a sexy set of curves to it's smaller counterpart for a perfect plug you're sure to enjoy!

DS201A.jpg Tantus Little Flirt
The Little Flirt is a silicone butt plug with a very small girth and special shape to ensure comfortable play for anal beginners.