Packed full of sexy challenges, animations and illustrations, this DVD goes the distance and promises to please. The game is completely interactive and delivers challenges, games and competitions to the players via their DVD player, television and remote control.

It is all the excitement of our adult party games in a fully guided, interactive DVD, that is loaded to the gills with fun.
Four different levels of intensity allows each player to choose their own level of excitement and comfort
Unlike other DVD games, this one is 100% interactive. You don’t just watch the game, you play the game.
Built in randomization and timers means means no shuffling or watching the clock.
The DVD keeps track of the overall group score and lets you know how well your party has played. Highly competitive game play pits player against player, and team against team.
Hundreds of randomly selected sexually exciting challenges leads to a stimulating evening of fun.

New mini-games challenge players to express themselves through honesty and sexual bravery

Hectic speed rounds tests knowledge of sexual anatomy and physiology
Break into teams and play a round of Sexploration Charades. Spin the wheel and play Sexploration Roulette, our crazy new drinking, stripping and sex game. The Female Bi-sensuality switch allows players to activate special challenges for girl-on-girl activities

Another revolutionary release from Sexploration Games™

Intense Games on DVD doesn't just break new ground in adult entertainment, it shatters the foundation and has fully exploited the interactive capabilities of your DVD player. This project has taken a year to build and is loaded to the gills with illustrated challenges and animated graphics that will make make your party an event to remember.

More competitive than the original - by a long shot

Not only do couples compete against other couples, but they are also required to team up with each other to achieve goals throughout the game. Mini-Games offer several opportunities to score extra points, steal points which may radically alter the score and quickly change the outcome.

Play as totally monogamous couples or spice it up with bisexual activities

Before you begin the game, just visit the set-up features to enable or disable Female Bi-sensuality. Turn it off, and you'll only be performing challenges with your partner. Turn it on and you never know what kind of fun the girls may get into.

Every game ends in a bang

When the game ends, a Group Score Calculator will let you know how well the party scored. Based on this group score, the game will unlock up to four different end games that may range from a simple self-esteem building exercise, to a steamy, non-swinging, group sex experience.

Safer sex is incorporated into the game

*Each challenge is carefully designed to minimize the possibility of spreading STDs from couple to couple.

Women control The game

Like all Sexploration Games, women are in control of this game. They select the cards and they choose whether or not to take the challenge. A council consisting of all the women playing the game have the power to change the rules and spice-up or cool down the party at any time during game play.

The best adult games for the best adult parties

If you are looking for the most exciting way to spice up your next party, look no further than Intense Games DVD by the makers of Sexploration Games. Sex is fun. Play with it.

* For standard play only. Extra prophylactic care is required if Female Bi-Sensuality is turned on. Please practice safer sex techniques and respect that sex play requires respectful participants.

One Point Cards

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