Everybody gets laid, a lot!

Every single component in this game has been created with explicit sex in mind. There is no break in the action and nothing vanilla about the challenges. The whole game is about your desire and ability to arouse others and become aroused. Competing against others for style, speed, ability, longevity and perception will win you points and sexual favors. Your ability to enjoy sex will determine everything when it comes to winning or losing the game.

If you're living the Lifestyle, you are going to love it

Sure, you may have been the happy participant in a threesome or even been lucky enough get in on a juicy orgy, but you've never tried anything like this before. We've taken the most outrageous sexual fantasies and engineered them specifically for the most uninhibited couples. Both women and men will be thoroughly aroused, by this game.

Women Control The Game

Women are in control of this game, they draw the cards and they choose whether or not to take the challenge. A woman council made up of all women playing the game have complete authority to change the rules and direction of the game.

If you like having lots of sex with lots of people who like having lots of sex with you, try Jungle Gym from the makers of Sexploration Games. Sex is fun. Play with it.

Game Contents

•46 Jungle Gym Challenge Cards

•180 Buddy Points for games that require you to recruit other players to help you fulfill the challenges.

•Instruction manual with rules and directions.

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