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GB103A.jpg Gift Basket - Made for him
Smash hit Sex is Fun Card Game paired with Lelo Bo, a vibrating cock ring designed to bring pleasure to both partners.

Sex is Fun
You are about to discover just how much fun you can have playing with your partner. Blowing the hinges off conventional couples games, Sex is Fun goes deeper and gets dirtier, crazier, and kinkier than anything you've ever played before. Find out how well you know each other with 84 of the most carefully engineered questions and challenges specifically designed to peel away inhibitions and shatter boundaries.

Lelo Bo
Bo is a stylish, rechargeable, vibrating cock ring design to be worn on the just the penis shaft. This impressive sex toy offers powerful vibrations without batteries. It is made of quality materials for long lasting enjoyment. Designed in Sweden, the clean lines and ease of use will make the Lelo Bo a boudoir must. The stretchy silicone ring beneath snugly fits against the shaft, while the lightweight vibrating pod above slides securely into place, vibrating once it is fully connected. Use the included plug charger to get your Bo ready for a night of pleasure, and enjoy wireless vibes that will last as long as you do! An included plastic clamshell has an opening that allows the Bo to be charged inside, and the Bo vibrating cock ring comes presented in an attractive gift box that may be used for storage.
Lelo Bo Includes: US Compatible Charger, Case, 1 Year Warranty, Gift Box.