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The Smitten Kitten girls

The Smitten Kitten
Classification: Sex Shop
Materials: Only non-toxic, safe, quality toys

Even if you have never been shopping for sex toys before, the Smitten Kitten is a perfect sex shop for beginners and those who are well versed in their sex toy speak. Smitten Kitten will welcome you into their very cool and comfortable shop and help you find whatever you are looking to try. We always leave the Smitten Kitten with bags full of happiness and a sense of blissful empowerment instead of that dirty feeling that we get when we visit their competitors. Give them a call at (888) 751-0523 or just stop by 3010 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408.

Lelo Iris

Leather and Latex Care: How to Keep Your Leather and Latex Looking Great $11
Written by: Kelly J. Thibault
Reviewer: Coochie
I received this informative book on leather and latex care from www.ExtremeRestraints.com If you ever questioned how to clean your leather or latex clothing, cock rings, whips, harnesses, and other toys this is a must-have companion.

Thibault grew up learning about leather from his father and shares his insight on the history and craft of leather making.¾ He also has an M.S. in biological sciences with an emphasis in molecular genetics so is able to speak to some of the chemistry behind latex.

Though how-to guides run the risk of boring readers, Thibault keeps the guidelines concise and easy to follow while recounting some amusing tales of times he did not properly care for his leather and latex.¾ This is a great reference that reads in about an hour.¾ $11.00 is money well spent to help make your favorite toys and clothes last years.

Lelo Iris

Lelo Liv and Gigi $109
Reviewer: Coochie
Classification:Clitoral stimulator/vibrator, dildo, G-spot stimulator.
Materials: PC-ABS/Medical Grade Silicone
LELO has released two more great vibrators, the LIV and GIGI. The style follows that of the IRIS and the ELISE. In fact the LIV is the "little sister" of the ELISE, containing the same smooth contours without the ridges of the IRIS. The GIGI is similar to the LIV but instead of a rounded tip it contains a flat tip with a smartly placed notch with which to stimulate the G-spot.

Both vibrators have five different modes ranging from constant vibration to varying degrees of pulsation. Coochie prefers constant vibration for clitoral stimulation but has found enjoyment from the faster pulsation mode, while the GIGI directly stimulates her G-spot. In addition to G-spot stimulation, the flat tip of the GIGI is great for clitoral stimulation. It covers more area and disperses the vibration a bit for those who cannot handle as much direct stimulation.

LELO has improved the variable interface dial, making it much easier to tell the vibrator exactly what you want it to do. A tip for GIGI users: utilize the dialźs lock while thrusting away to avoid unwanted changes in vibration or pulsation.
While the GIGI is geared towards users with a G-spot, the LIV was built to appeal to both sexes. Coochie is not sure if LELO has direct prostate stimulation in mind for male users, but strongly cautions against anyone inserting either toy into an anus. Neither toy has a flared base so the risk of losing the toy in your rectum is high. A great way for men to use the LIV and the GIGI is to stimulate the perineum during sex or masturbation.

The LIV and GIGI are compact and travel very well. With a noise level under 50 decibels, LELO comes through once again for its fans of discreet pleasure. Each toy retails at $109.00 and is worth the investment.

Lelo Iris

Lelo Iris $139
Reviewer: Coochie
Classification:Clitoral Stimulator and Vibrator.
Materials: PC-ABS/silicone
Last week Coochie received an IRIS from one of her favorite sex toy companies, LELO. The IRIS is shaped like a dildo with ridges that take inspiration from, well, an iris. The stem of the IRIS follows the natural curve of the pubic mound, with two vibration points that can be used to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and vaginal opening or anus. The handle houses the control dial and DC charging socket.

The IRIS has two motors. One operates at the tip, or crown, and the other controls the middle of the vibrator, or base, at the main ridge. These two motors give the user a total of five modes to cycle through on the control dial. The modes graduate naturally from vibration of each motor individually to alternating pulsations to both motors vibrating you towards ecstasy. Within each mode the user has control over intensity of the vibrations.

A quick word about the control dial. LELO has placed all controls for the IRIS in this nickel-sized dial. Pushing the center turns the IRIS off. Pressing to the right of the control dial will gradually increase the vibrations while pressing to the left will do the opposite. Pressing the dial up or down will cycle through the various modes. With all these controls packed into such a small space, it is easy for a thumb to slip off course and kill the vibrations at the most inopportune time. Practice makes perfect and she does so happily!

For those of you worried about nosy neighbors, fear not. For something so quiet, the IRIS had her orgasming in under a minute after a few practice runs. Only use water-based lubrication to avoid damaging the silicone coating. You can wash the stem with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before putting it back into its sexy silky pouch. The IRIS comes in your choice of powder blue or petal pink. The price lists at $139.00, money well spent for something that is beautiful enough to double as a dining room table centerpiece.

Lelo Lily $119
Reviewer: Coochie
Classifications: Clitoral Stimulator and Vibrator
Materials: ABS
The Lelo Lily is a great vibrator if you want to masturbate in small places or public places! It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and surprisingly quiet.
Hailing from Sweden, the Lelo Lily looks unlike any vibrator I have seen. Slightly similar to the shape of an egg, one end tapers to mimic the shape of a fingertip, to better pinpoint the clitoris. The other end contains two buttons, allowing complete speed control. You can either adjust it faster or slower, so your fantasy isnźt interrupted by complex controls.
Despite its whisper-quiet hum, it is quite powerful. Upon first glance, the Lelo Lily does not depict powerful vibrations. However, crank it up and you are in for a surprise. The biggest difference when comparing it to bullet vibes, which are about the same size, is the concentration of the vibrations. The Lily pinpoints the clitoris, and does not send your entire vagina into seismic vibrations. Overall, the Lily delivers a great orgasm with less overwhelming power than the average bullet.
Another notable feature of the Lelo Lily is its texture. Touching it is enough to get you in the mood. Its silky smooth surface just begs to treat you right. I guarantee it will never catch your delicate areas in ways a zipper can! The other great thing about this texture is the fact that you will never be shocked by a freezing cold bullet vibe in the dead of winter.
The Lelo Lily comes in its own satin pouch, packed in a box that looks like it would be holding a diamond ring. Also included is a charger that plugs right into the Lily so you can take it anywhere! The price lists at $129.00, which can seem a little steep. It is worth it for an extremely quiet, yet powerful vibe that fits in the palm of your hand.

Rock Chick

Rock Chick $64
Reviewer: Lorax
Classification:G-spot and Clitoral Stimulator.
Materials: Silicon with a waterproof bullet vibe
Lorax found this an okay toy to stimulate her G-Spot. She found the texture of the toy to be very soft, and liked the insertable bullet vibe.

The Rock Chick is made from silicon with a waterproof bullet vibe, therefore the entire toy is waterproof. The design of the toy is good, it is shaped like an "U" and therefore it can be inserted into the vagina and wrapped around to stimulate the clitorus. Lorax found that the toy was a little too bendy and was unable to apply firm pressure to her G-Spot. When the bullet vibe was inside the Rock Chick the stimulation was rather muted. Lorax found when she took the bullet vibe out of the Rock Chick and placed it directly on her clitorus the stimulation could be felt.

This toy did work to stimulate the G-Spot when Lorax used her hand to rock it back and forth. However this technique required a lot of use by her hands. She thinks it would be a great toy to use with a partner to find the G-Spot and use together. For masturbation Lorax found it more work, and the rocking motion hard to manage herself.

Feeldoe Slim $87
Reviewer: Coochie
Classification: Strapless Double-Ended Dildo.
Materials: Silicon with a waterproof bullet vibe
The Feeldoe Slim is a 100% silicon double-ended dildo with a vibrating element. This blue toy functions as a strap-on dildo would, but eliminates the need for a harness. The thruster's end of the dildo is bulbous in shape, and relies on the strength of Kegel muscles and position to stay inside. The other end of the dildo is shaped like a circumcised penis, with an upward curve. The removable vibrator is positioned at the base of the thruster's end.

Insertion of the thruster's side of the Feeldoe Slim is easy, and it is comfortable enough to walk around the house with it in. The lack of a harness makes the Feeldoe Slim feel like a more natural extension of your body. Walking around the house with your blue penis sticking out is definitely arousing!

The bullet vibrator is very strong, and gives strong vibrations through the ends of both sides of the dildo. You can remove the small bullet and use it as a clitoral stimulator instead of feeling the vibrations inside through the dildo.
While I did not have the opportunity to try the Feeldoe Slim with a partner, I practiced thrusting in the air, to get a feel for things. My muscles aren't strong enough to be able to keep it in, so I had to keep my legs close together. The Feeldoe Slim mimics the movement of a penis very well.

My favorite way to use the Feeldoe Slim is to insert the thruster's end while stimulating my clitoris, giving the illusion that I now have a penis. I then shut my eyes, use my favorite vibrator, and stroke the dildo as if it is my own penis, which leads to a fast orgasm.

The other great way to use the Feeldoe Slim during masturbation is to insert the shaft, as you would a typical dildo. The thruster's end then becomes your handle. Though it is the slim version, it easily satisfies the need for a cock sliding in and out. The shaft is also curved, so as to stimulate the G spot.
Sharing the Feeldoe Slim with friends is easy, since it is made of silicon. Just boil for five minutes or place in the top rack of your dishwasher, and use it as if it were brand new.

The Feeldoe Slim is a great strapless double-ended dildo, inspiring more spontaneity in your lovemaking and masturbation than the time it takes to put on a harness!

Aneros MGX $48
Reviewer: Kidder
Classification: Male Prostate Stimulator.
Materials: Hard Plastic
If you are looking for a great toy for male anal stimulation, the Aneros is Kidder's top pick. It has a very small point of entry making it a great toy for beginners, but don't think it isn't powerful just because it is easy to insert. The Aneros has an aggressive bend which leads to a very arousing sensation when it pushes against the prostate gland. The perineum (taint) stimulator is perfectly positioned and definitely does a great job of adding an extra sensation to the mix though could have been a little rounder for comfort. If you've got experience with prostate play you are going to instantly enjoy this toy for its easy hands free use. Once it is in you can just get into your favorite position and it will stimulate your anus, prostate gland, and your perineum all at the same time. When it is time to be done just reach back and hook the round ring with your finger and it will easily slide-out with no need to touch any part that has been inside of your ass. It washes off very easily and because it is stark white you'll know when it is clean.

It works great as a masturbation toy or you can use it with your partner for some extra spice while receiving fellatio or having intercourse. This toy will also keep your prostate healthy though that certainly isn't the primary reason that Kidder continues to use and love his Aneros. He's had some amazing three-minute long orgasms with this toy and this is coming from someone who was too lazy to get past the second chapter of a book on tantric sex.

Pixie Plus
Pixie Plus $60
Reviewer: Lorax
Classification: G-Spot Dildo, Clitoral Stimulater and Vibrator.
Materials: Elastomer with Removable Metal Vibe
The is one of the best G-Spot specific toys Lorax has ever found. The dildo part is relatively straight with a tip bent at a right angle. The tip goes up and down with a come-hither motion with a variable speed. It is the exact shape and kind of stimulation you are looking for when trying to find the g-spot. There is also a corded egg shaped vibrator. The cord can reach just about anywhere, clit, nipples, or any other body part you can think of. The vibrator is also set for variable speed. Lorax has tried many toys to reach her g-spot as this is very difficult place to reach on your own. With the g-spot you need something that is firm and makes a thrusting motion rather than vibrating and the Pixie Plus does exactly this. If you are new to the g-spot the clit attachment is excellent. You are able to stimulate both areas and start to associate the g-spot with pleasure. Then once you are comfortable with only the g-spot stimulation you can move the corded vibrator to anywhere you want. One final thing to note is the elastomer over the vibrator is removable. Lorax notice two downfalls to the Pixie Plus. The toy is rather loud and like any corded toy she has ever used, it eventually pulls out the wires. The vibrator no longer works for her, but the dildo part is still going strong. If this is a concern in your decision to buy, note that there is also a Pixie without the corded clit attachment.

Rollerball Vibe $60
Reviewer: Kidder
Classification: Cock-ring, Clitoral Stimulator and Vibrator.
Materials: Silicon with Removable Metal Vibe
If you are looking for a toy for firm clitoral stimulation, the Rollerball vibe bay be the right toy for you. Buy with caution, if you are looking for a cockring that wraps around the base of the penis and the testicles, this toy probably won't do the job. Kidder was unable toūstretch this thing around his whole package with feeling as though he was crushing his testicles. He was able to use it by just strapping it around the base of his penis. His wife reports that it felt good before they began thrusting but found it way too firm on her clitorisūduringū vigorous intercourse. Kidder and his wife did discover that it felt good as an anal stimulator when they flipped it around so that it was pointing downward in a missionary with her legs over his shoulders.

Bend Over Beginner's Kit $75
Reviewer: Kidder
Classifications: Strap-on Dildo and Harness Kit
Materials: High Quality Silicon Dildos - Nylon Weave harness with Metal Vibe
If you are looking for a strap-on harness designed to be worn by a woman and used to penetrate a man, this is the very best one for beginners. The harness is very comfortable to wear and offers excellent clitoral contact when she is thrusting in and out of her lover. To further increase the pleasure for the wearer, the kit includes a tiny, yet powerful vibrator that fits nicely into the harness. The dildos are sized nicely for beginners to start
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