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Sexploration, MGS is a party game for monogamous adult couples interested in having Monogamous Group Sex. Couples take turns drawing cards that dare them to engage in stimulating challenges with their partners. Four sets of arousing challenges allow each couple to choose their own level of sexual intensity.

Get ready to try new things!
The collection of challenges have been carefully designed to physically and psychologically stimulate a broad range of sexual fantasies. From the timid to the extreme, there is something in here for everyone who dares to play this sexy group game.

It just wouldn't be a game without a little friendly competition.
Couples, who choose and fulfill more intense challenges, will earn more points. Many of the challenges involve one couple competing against another for points. The couple with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Every game ends in a bang.
When the game ends, as based upon time or a predetermined number of rounds, a Group Score will be tallied from the sum of all points earned during the game. Based on the Group Score, all couples will engage in one final game that may range from a simple self-esteem building exercise, to a steamy, non-swinging, group sex experience.

Women Control The Game
Women are in control of this game, they draw the cards and they choose whether or not to take the challenge. A council consisting of all the women playing the game have the power to change the rules and spice-up or cool down the party at any time during game play.

Safer sex is incorporated into this sexy group game.
Each challenge is carefully designed to minimize the possibility of spreading STDs from couple to couple.

If you are looking for the most exciting way to spice up your next couples party, look no further than MGS by the makers of Sexploration Games. Sex is fun. Play with it.

Game contents
20 warm-up, 1 Point Challenges allows couples to get comfortable with each other and the game.
20 hotter, 5 Point Challenges invite players to share fantasies and engage in arousing activities.
10 red hot sexy 10 Point Challenges that envelope everything from nudity to masturbation to oral sex.
10, 15 Point Fire Cards that will challenge even the most sexually daring players to explore voyerism, exhibitionism, and female bisexuality.
Score Sheets for tracking player performance
1 sealed envelope containing highly detailed, sexually explicit instructions for the End Games, is also included.
Instruction manual with rules, directions and tips for throwing a Sexploration Party.

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